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The Alliance and its members have identified the need for whole of supply chain collaboration to address a range of current industry needs and opportunities.

The area of activity is defined by our constitution that says the purpose of the Sheep Alliance is to help arrest the decline of the WA sheep population and generate sustainable industry growth, by:

  1. Leading a communication process to develop and implement a shared vision between all members of the Alliance and the broader sheep industry;
  2. Optimising WA-relevant sheep research and extension to foster a culture of adopting best-practise sheep business management systems; and
  3. Nurturing and developing quality future industry leadership.

The Sheep Alliance is extremely proud of its achievement to ‘bring LambEx back’ to WA. The Sheep Alliance is playing a major role in hosting the event with director Bindi Murray appointed as the chair of the LambEx organising committee. The Sheep Alliance will host all planning and industry engagement meetings as the LambEx event is designed with an aim to promote the achievements and opportunities within the WA sheep industry to a crowd of more than 1000 delegates on August 1-3, 2018. More information on LambEx can be found at

The Alliance acknowledges that there is an on-going disinvestment in sheep in the farming enterprise in WA – even during times when market signals are strong. It wants to quantify the drivers behind this disinvestment, and provide a comprehensive plan and business case that justifies investment in activities that will "make a difference".

The Alliance directors and their members have a view that collaborative, relevant, timely, professionally managed and coordinated research and extension activities that are mapped to industry needs and profit generation, is a key to the industrys success going forward.

The Alliance is currently preparing a business case that will provide the foundation for quantum changes in this space.